Among the items in our collection from the Borough Centennial is this secretary’s book.  The idea of a centennial celebration was born in the Fairview Community Council (FCC), as so many good ideas for the community are.  As a separate committee, representatives from the FCC met on March 26, 1968 at the Borough Building.  Secretary Pro Tem Rose Wilson indicated that 47 people attended this meeting.  She wrote:

“The ‘Kick-Off’ Meeting for the 100 year Cent. Cele. (Faiview) with Tom Solvedt presiding, took place at the Fairview Boro. Bldg. March 26th, 1968 at 8 p.m.  There was a showing of hands to show eight Boro. Representatives.  This meeting was to set-up for various events and etc. for the celebration; consisting of Parades, Sale of Hats, Beard Shaving Permits, Street Dances, Ice Cream Socials, etc.

“Mr. F. Niebauer was nominated for Chairman of the whole affair, but he declined saying that he would however, help whoever is in charge.  He also said that this Cent. is not just for the Boro., but also the Township.

“Mr. Elwinger spoke up to the fact that he thought that it was up to the Community Council to get a Chairman. (Community Council represents 15 organizations and this is an ‘ideal set-up.’)  Father Reily spoke up that we are all members of Community Council.” 

The Mayor at that time was Harold Downey, who had agreed to proclaim any week this committee chose as “Centennial Week.”  The middle week in July was traditionally when the Fairview Firemen held their picnic and that week was suggested but ruled out.  Further discussion included possible fundraisers and what to do with leftover money at the conclusion of the celebration.  Father Reilly volunteered to head up a steering committee and said he would contact various people for that committee who were not present at this meeting.

Other business, such as which organization would sponsor the various activities were discussed and the next meeting was set for April 1, at the Boro Building, to begin at 9 p.m.

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