Freeman, Sabina and Seidler, Barbara. Those Were the Days, Fairview History and Fairview People: Fairview. Presented by the Fairview Area Historical Society, 2003. Photo section. Indexed

This book includes articles written for Girard’s Cosmopolite Herald during the nation’s Bicentennial. It includes items about Fairview history – including its people, churches, schools, businesses and the Fairview Community Council, which was the sponsoring body of the community’s Bicentennial Project. Needing a goal for which money could be raised, the committee chose to restore the chapel at the entry into the Fairview Cemetery.  During the course of the activities, it was learned that the chapel was not built in 1868 when the cemetery was laid out, but rather, in 1901, as found in the diary of a resident in Fairview Borough. The book concludes with an update written in 2003, 28 years after the last segment was published in the Cosmopolite. The book is a fine guide to the township history.

The histories were written by Sabina Shields Freeman who joined the Bicentennial Committee as publicity chair.  Interviews with individuals were conducted and written by Barbara Seidler, a resident of Fairview who worked for the Cosmopolite.  Her lively interviews include those of Rollie Schluraff, Edith Osterberg, George Kreider, Earl Vigrass, Harvey Walter, Elizabeth Richardson, Arthur Ihsen and members of the Weislogel family. These individuals were older residents and in some cases, had spent their whole lives in Fairview. 

Presented in 2003, Reprinted, 2010

Photo section – 22 pages. Soft cover. Indexed.

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The Community Council represents every citizen in the entire township through an interest group, or through a business or church.  Its membership is open to every social and service organization, every business, all the churches, the school board, the school administration, the borough council and the township supervisors.

Over the years it has benefited Fairview in many ways, yet it does not have the official power of either the borough council or the township supervisors.  Such an organization cannot be found in any of the surrounding communities, and most newcomers to the area have no knowledge of a group of this nature in their previous residences.

As time goes, the Community Council is in its infancy.  It was organized in November 1949 and the citizenry were concerned about the health of the community. Wherever two or more people gathered – in the stores, in the churches – the conversation always turned to the need of a doctor.

Interview with Harvey Walter:

When I fist arrived at the home of Harold and Nancy Downey on Woodland Drive in Fairview, where Harvey Walter makes his home, there stood the man I was looking for, checking out the 75 snapdragons he had planted the day before.  “So, this is how you spend some of your time since you retired,” I said.

“I’m not retired,” Harvey answered.

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