The Centennial Committee met almost weekly beginning on March 26, 1968 until just after the event.  Each week different items were discussed and issues were resolved.  

On June 8 fifteen different organizations were represented.  Some of the reps had their $100 checks ready, which each organization had pledged to pay.  Discussion included deadlines for the booklet, historical photos for it and for the photos and histories from each organization.

Even more events were suggested – a pony pulling contest, which was rejected for lack of space, and a fish pond along with the fish fry.

The skirt permit buttons were available for view, with the report that other permit buttons would be available soon.

Ruth West, who was in charge of publicity, announced that she had four TV dates scheduled, three with Jeanne Carnes and one with Bea Canfield.  (Both hosted shows on the local channels during weekday afternoons.)  

This was quite an undertaking for the little community.


Note:  One of the organizations deeply involved was the fire department.  The photo shows the active members of the Association (the business division of the fire department) in 1967.  Members of the FD on the Centennial Committee at various times were Paul Bendure, Tom Ferguson and Dick Parker.  Al Chorney Jr. may also have been a representative…. Julia Niebauer represented the Fire Department Ladies’ Auxiliary.  


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