By mid July the Centennial committee was finalizing several events.  Meetings continued every week with reports and updates from various groups.  On July 8 the Garden Club reported on the antique museum, to be held in the I.O.O.F. Hall.  Categories for antique or collectible items included the Civil War, children’s toys, historical documents, pictures, china, silver and furniture. (Surprisingly, many of the items on display during the Centennial are now part of the Historical Society’s collection.)

Mrs. Lantzy, who was the representative from the PTA, reported that Carmel’s Band was “lined up to play from 9 to 1” at the Queen’s Ball on Saturday, August 17.  The PTA was sponsoring the Ball.    Gerald Getz, one of the judges for the queen contest resigned from that committee because his daughter Bonnie was one of the contestants.  Floats, history for the centennial booklet, the Art Show and even the lackluster response for the Amateur Night were also discussed.  These, somehow, would all come together for the actual week!

At the July 15th meeting the time and place was set for the queen’s judging.  Centennial neck ties and buttons were passed around for approval and more photos were taken for the Cosmopolite Herald.  Ruth West, who wrote a column for the Cosmopolite on Fairview happenings, was in charge of publicity and she reported on the local TV shows where members of the committee would be appearing. 

Anticipation was growing in Fairview! 


Note:  The photo shows the Community Council members in 1950, shortly after the organization formed. Initially, the group came together to find a doctor and bring him/her to the community. Dr. David Keck was their choice.

They have continued to meet and share ideas and over the years have become the impetus for many  projects, such as the Christmas Baskets, the Christmas decorations in the Village, for sparking the Centennial Celebration, the Bicentennial Committee and much more.


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