The Steering Committee for the Fairview Borough Centennial Celebration had quite a week.  Everyone was satisfied – everyone! – that this had been a celebration to be proud of.  

On August 29 the group met and each organization gave a final report.  

There had been 92 entries in the Pet Show.  The Art Show had 110 paintings entered in this event.  Approximately 2,000 visited the Antiques Museum in the I.O.O.F. building.  The Amateur Night had more than 650 attending.  At the final event – the Fish Fry – 455 lbs of fish and 455 lbs of French fries were consumed.  In all, $2,000 were awarded in prizes for the various categories in the grand parade.  The week’s cruise to Bermuda was won by Zella Bishop, who was Ruby Cobb’s sister.  But, she was a teacher from West Virginia and school was about to start there, so she chose the cash equivalent instead.

Not all the money had been turned in (income or expenses) and so the group met again on September 30 for a semi-final accounting.  At that time $500 of left-over money was donated to the Community Council for new Christmas lights.  

Lastly, on April 14, 1969 the group met once more.  All bills had been paid and all committees had completed their reports.  The final tally showed that $1,623.55 remained in the bank account.  The motion was made and passed that it be divided equally between the Fairview Fire Department, the Fairview Borough Community Park (next to the Post Office) and the Crawford-Erie County State Police Company #5.

Each organization that participated received a very final report and the motion was made that the committee, having completed its charge, be disbanded.  The motion carried.  No further motion – such as celebrating again in 50 years (2018) was made.

We are left with wonderful memories, photos and a booklet that tells the story.



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