One of the many fun events of the Centennial Celebration was the beard contest to be held on Friday, August 23, 1968.  This contest was announced early in the year so that Fairview men could begin to grow their beards.

As their beards grew, two future contestants proudly showed their faces around town – Richard Parker (left) and Dan Miller (right).  Both men had been working on their “hirsuteness” for about seven months.

Men who wanted to walk about town during the festivities without a beard had to purchase a beard contest button, otherwise it meant jail time and a kangaroo court for them.

During the Centennial Committee’s weekly meeting on July 29th, “Mr. Smith,” representative from the fire department, reported that about 100 entries were scheduled to be in the big parade on Saturday, August 24.  Folks who saw that parade still claim it was the biggest one ever held in Fairview.  The RNS publication titled it “GIGANTIC PARADE,” and so it was! 

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