January activity in the Fairview Area Historical Society has changed over the years.  Initially, as the group formed and grew, the month of January was membership renewal month, which meant a potluck dinner in the dining area off the kitchen of the Presbyterian Church.  Members discovered what good cooks everyone else was too.

After the purchase of the historic Sturgeon House members learned they could not count on the weather and often they were not able to get into the house in January due to a build-up of snow.

So then the first meeting of the year was in February… then March and beginning about two years ago, April.  By April we can be pretty sure that snow will not be a factor.

Alright, so, what’s happening at the Sturgeon House this month?  Nothing.  It’s quiet there, and it would be even if there were not a pandemic to take into account.  Nothing is scheduled… except for board members who drop in to check on the furnace, the phone messages, the condition of the house… How does the house sound?  Lonely, but otherwise, okay.

The members are looking forward to spring (or fall if necessary) when we can finally meet again to share local history.  We have two speakers ready to talk with us about subjects of great interest.  We have items in our gift shop (books, mostly) that are waiting to be sold and read… Have you read Wayne Wilkins’ memories of 1940s Fairview?  That’s just one of many.  The Civil War Diary?  Or a new listing that should be available by spring on early memories of the Lake Shore Subdivision?  That one is not to be missed!

We are one of so many museums that have been touched by current events.  Someday normal life will return (in some fashion) and we hope everyone is ready… because the Sturgeon House certainly is… but not in January.

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