This summer members of the Class of 1968 will be “coming home” to celebrate their 50th anniversary since graduating from Fairview High School. 

They will be in the area the weekend of July 7 and the Historical Society will open the Sturgeon House and its summer exhibit that Saturday and Sunday. 

The exhibit highlights the week’s activities when the old Borough celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1968!

The Class of ’68 was unique in that, along with the Student Council, it held the first Homecoming celebration.  The queen was a senior, Donna Black. 

Her senior attendants were Jaylene Spensley and Meg Vea. Donna was crowned by football captain, also a senior, Howard “Hoppy” Essick.

As part of the celebration the school had a bonfire before the homecoming game (played against Wattsburg on the Girard field) and a dance. 

Information in the yearbook (yes, we found one to borrow, but would like to have one to keep for our collection!)  stated the music was provided at the dance by “the Outcasts.”  Question:  was that a local group?

Another question:  was there a prom that year? 

There is no mention of it in the 1969 yearbook, where it typically would be included since it always falls so late in the school year. 

The class included a plea in the Homecoming coverage – “We of the Senior Class sincerely hope that next year the students will carry on our efforts, so we might have a homecoming to come home to next year.” 

They got their wish and more!

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