How wonderful to spark questions about what was where and when… After yesterday’s post some folks asked about the bank that was in the Hauck General Store building.

The Battles Bank in Girard never really closed, it just merged!  The first merger was with the National Bank in Girard and was called the Girard Battles National Bank. 

That was in 1944.  By 1955 the Fairview Community Council was able to bring a branch of this bank to Fairview and located it in the Hauck General Store. 

After both the Girard branch and this Fairview branch merged with Security Peoples Bank a new building was erected across the street. 

Through other mergers it finally became the PNC Bank. That building closed and is currently nearing the end of a remodeling for another purpose. 

From 1920 to 1925 Harvey Walter and Carl Stork ran an auto repair shop in a building they called the “tin garage.” 

The bank was built on that site later. Can anyone identify these folks? (There’s even a dog sound asleep.) And wouldn’t the “American Pickers” like to get their hands on that motorcycle?  

One last thing, on the left is a photo of Ferdinand Niebauer standing outside the building he had built next to his house to handle the mail until the new brick post office was built in 1962.

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  1. I showed the picture of my Grandfather’s first location of Fairview Garage to my Mother. She did not recognize this particular photo. The size of the photo did not give her a clear picture of who is in it. Some possible people picture are my Grandfather, Harvey Walter and Carl Stork, Lynn Leslie, or Elmer Hinkle. She did not know who the boy in the middle was. Hopefully, Mom will remember to look to see if she has a similar photo or a copy of this one that she can study. Thanks for the memories, I used to ride my bike on what I must have been told was part of the foundation of this building.

    1. Thank you for asking her. Some people will just never be identified! And by the way, we like your comments very much. – FAHS

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