The recent post about the Chautauqua programs coming to Fairview prompted this photo story… which could also be called “The Changing Faces of Fairview.” 

The programs were given in the Presbyterian Church. 

The featured photo is Rev. Calvin E. Reed, who in the 1920s, brought Chautauqua to town and offered his church for use to the traveling group. 

The first photo in the story shows how the street looked at that time. 

Left to right, the brick Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Manse, and the white frame church building that during its lifetime housed five different congregations plus a shirt factory.

The next photo shows the construction of the community center building that replaced the manse area then how it looked when completed.








The last building to come down was the frame church.  The sign was removed first and is now in the Archive at the Sturgeon House.





The building was replaced by a parking lot. 

It fills up on Sundays and when that fine new Community Building is in use.

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