Many of you have seen our appeal for old yearbooks and thanks to Nancy Cederlof who filled in a few years and the Fairview School District who donated the last 20 years of these annual books, we are doing well with our archives (still have needs – such as the 1970s, 1980s and many from the 1990s).

Just this week we received the 1956 yearbook from a member of that class – Donna Rosenburg Wilkins. Oh, so many thanks for this book – even the school library does not have it!

This photo was on the last page and at the bottom was the message: FAREWELL FROM THE CLASS OF ’56. Carry on – It’s Up to You.” She asked that in return for the book, we put this photo on our Facebook Page.

Well, of course we will! So, here’s a shout-out to her classmates and all FHS graduates from the years 1971 – 2000… Carry on, it’s up to you. Again, many thanks to Donna Rosenburg Wilkins.

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