Anyone driving by the Sturgeon House on Sunday afternoon, June 14, might have seen some interesting goings-on.  Two people, Jackie and Ted, were there to run their metal detectors over the lawn around the Sturgeon House to find old metal pieces.

Mostly they found coins… pennies, a nickel, a dime, two quarters, a Canadian penny and another coin that may be some kind of token.

Each in their own time mentioned that the findings are better after a rain.  Since it had been several days since rain, the ground was dry and the pickings were not spectacular.

However, four of the pennies were “wheat” pennies, dating back to the 1940s, and the one coin was very different.  Then, there were two keys, similar but not exact copies… what did they open? And finally, Ted found a toy Derringer whose age is yet to be determined.

The two were very careful to dig up the sod, place it aside then begin digging the pinging area in earnest.  They place the dirt on a cloth and ran their wand over it, all to find the metal piece.  Sometimes the piece was still in the ground.  It’s a process that was interesting to watch.

Ted, from Erie, has been doing this about 50 years and during that time has found any number of interesting pieces.  Mostly, the property owner keeps the piece, but occasionally, the finder can go home with something wonderful.

Jackie is newer to the hobby and enjoys it very much.

They may come back after a rain, just in case there is still something there that calls out to be found!

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