Just like everywhere else, the Sturgeon House is calling out for visitors.  We recall how fine it was to have visitors and to have those visitors appreciate the purpose of our building – that is, to save and display the history of Fairview (Township and old Borough).

But, like so many others, we must be patient.

So, in case some of you have forgotten, here are a few reminders of how we look.  The exhibit room is not on view here – you must come and have a look at it for yourselves!  And, yes!  You can schedule a private tour. (Call 814-474-5855.)

In this year of a presidential election, it is good to remember the past… and that’s what we are showing this year… the presidential election of 1940.  Eighty years ago we voted for a president who would lead us through a war… it was becoming obvious that we would be involved although we were not yet engaged.  Who would that be?  Who could we trust?  

Come have a look… Meanwhile, here’s how the rest of our wonderful building looks…











Oh, yes, and by the way…we are on the National Register!




Don’t forget to check out our last posting… it did not seem to make it to our Facebook Page.  But, it mentions Fairview in 1940.


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