Yesterday, August 25, was the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris in World War II.  It’s easy to see how the date was overlooked, with the Talls Ships in Erie and the Exhibit on Shipwrecks at the Sturgeon House. 

After 75 years some of those veterans of that war are still with us and in their 90s now.  But some can still look back and recall the effort it took to regain the City of Light, a nickname that dates back to the mid 17th Century. 

Paris was a city and a symbol.  It was important to the French that they be the first into the city and late on August 24 the 2nd French Armored Division made their way into Paris.  The following morning the US 4th Infantry and the US 2nd Armored Division moved in and helped secure the city. Four days later, on August 29, French and US troops marched down the Champs Elysees in a victory celebration. 

Paris had been under a harsh German rule since June 22, 1940.  Liberation was sweet.  

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