The recent post showing the freshmen class (a guess was 1935, but in fact, it was the class of 1938) prompted some responses.  We are pleased to show a group photo of the class as seniors. 

This group began with 29 freshmen and ended with 21. 

According to Eleanor Manchester, who wrote a brief description below the featured photo, the class had begun their senior year with 22, but one left before graduation. 

For further numbers, 10 of those freshmen left and three new students joined the class by graduation time.

The Prophecies were interesting too, as written by Helen Wilson. 

The U.S. had just entered World War II five months before and already, these senior boys and girls were touched by it. 

Robert “Bum” Barker will be wearing a navy uniform, wrote Helen.  Laura Gidner was mentioned as being in the navy as well. Freda Cochran was predicted to be a pilot (no branch of service was mentioned) and Allan Holland was predicted to be a tough army sergeant. 

Bill Munch and Wilbur Brown were a couple of privates under his hard-boiled eye.

In fact, the next year the 1943 yearbook published an honor roll of Fairview students who were currently serving in the war. 

Five of the seven senior males from the class of 1942 were listed.

Interestingly, three senior boys, who all were listed as being in the service by 1943, had bought an add for the 1942 yearbook. 

Their message was “BUY DEFENSE BONDS.” They were – “Barker, Getz and Holland.”


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