We have been looking for something new… a new way to showcase some of our old buildings.  Old but gone, so how can we remember them?

How about a puzzle?  Make it fun!

And so, we selected 12 old buildings in the old borough.  Only one – the Sturgeon House – remains. This view shows the house before we purchased it and added the meeting room on the south end.

The puzzle has 285 sturdy pieces and is 16 ½”  x 12” in size.  Black and white.

The box includes the puzzle pieces in a sealed clear bag, a zip loc bag to hold the pieces after the sealed bag is opened and a sheet of paper with the puzzle pictures on it to help put it together, plus information about each building on the back of that paper.   

The cost is $20 each.  The puzzle can be ordered and mailed.  “Shipping/handling” is $6,00 for a box mailed east of the Mississippi and $8.00 when mailed west of the Mississippi.

The Sturgeon House is open most Tuesdays from 1 to 3 p.m. from now through the third week of November.  Call 814-474-5855 with any questions.

Think Christmas gift!!


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