Today’s posting is the last in the series of Fairview’s Outstanding Women…  Not that there are no more outstanding women in Fairview, but rather, it is simply time to wind it up. 

Yet, there are many more women who come to mind for their accomplishments. Vega Ihsen and Peggy Krider were two nationally known artists.  Peggy was an Associate Professor at Villa Maria College for 37 years, was involved in many other service groups and was a very active member of our Tuesday Quilters after her retirement. 

Barbara Junker was deeply involved in the Fairview School District, serving on the school board for 20 years and two terms as president during that time. She “was instrumental in creating the Fairview School Foundation” and was the first person to receive the Barbara F. Junker Community Service Award, with annual honorees since its inception in 2002.  Her interest in youth and education went far beyond Fairview’s boundaries to many other service organizations.

Another woman who was deeply involved in Fairview’s activities was Julia Bausch Niebauer.  She may be best known as working with her husband Ferd in the post office for 30 years.  She also was a founding member of Holy Cross Church and its many contributions to the community over the years.  She was a member of the Fire Department’s auxiliary and also served on the Fairview Community Council.

Anyone who looked closely at the photos in last week’s Outstanding Women post might have noticed how often Ortha Honeysett appeared. She was a member of the Priscilla Rebekah Lodge, the Firemen’s Auxiliary, the Post Office Dedication Committee, and the Centennial Committee.  Although she and her husband had no children, she was involved with the Girl Scouts for 20 years, recruiting and training leaders for new troops.  She was very visible on each Memorial Day helping the girls in the parade, especially those holding flags.  “You would not see them dip to the ground under her watch!”

And more could be written about Dr. Helen Daggett Weeks, or another Helen – Helen Stone Schluraff.  So many outstanding women… so little time!

We will end the series with “one of our own.”  Barbara Dickinson Mclaughlin.  Barbara was born in Amherst, New York, graduated from high school in Meadville, moved to Miami, Florida with her husband Joe and finally, arrived in Fairview to stay. Once here she was a busy gal.  Her activities included serving as a cheerleading coach at the high school, serving on the Community Council many years, for more than one organization.  She was chairman of the Fairview Recreation Authority, a 4-H and Girl Scout leader, librarian for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, as well as holding other offices there, sang in the choir and also sang with the Symphonic Singers. 

Barbara had many interests: watercolors, ballroom dancing, the Tall Ships Festival, and more.  Then her interest turned to the Fairview Area Historical Society.  Before she knew it, she was president!  And she remained in that capacity for ten years or so, until she passed away in 2015.   

Under her watch the Sturgeon House benefitted by her constant vigil of its physical condition.  She authorized the transformation of the second floor into an archive area, with funds available and two men willing to volunteer to do the work.  She even showed her expertise in painting drywall on occasion.  The Ice Cream Social flourished under her care. And she bothered a county authority often enough that a team worked on the bank of Trout Run to stabilize it so that the Sturgeon House also would remain stable.   She was there at every turn, at every event.  

So many people sent donations in her name after her death that the historical society was able to purchase museum quality inserts for the six oldest windows in the building.  What a fine tribute!

Before Covis-19 invaded our way of life, 2020 was supposed to be “the Year of the Woman,” celebrating the passage of women’s right to vote 100 years ago with many public events. These posts have been our public offerings.

Still, any year is a good year to list and appreciate outstanding people. 

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