Lots of Fairview homes are beautifully decorated for Christmas and, some subdivisions around the township even have competitions. This past weekend such was the case in White Hall Village.  That subdivision got its start in the late 1960s and after a few years they began celebrating the season with a “luminaria” and door decorating competitions.  

Luminaria often draws quite a crowd of visitors… folks who come out from well beyond Fairview to drive around the streets there to view the lovely lights and the decorating ideas.  Traces of the luminaria can often be seen for the next few days.  Also seen are the award signs that mark each winner.

In the hopes that our photographer found them all, here are this year’s winners:

Most Creative – 

Single Door Winner

Best Porch

Best Yard

Best Double Door

And just for fun –


This year the judges found two single doors they liked, so the other one is featured above.  

Viewers of this website will recall a few sights our photographer took in the Village area – one favorite is the “leg lamp” and “fragile” shipping crate.  Too good!  Another is a carved dog, twisting around to check out a nearby fireplug.  Recently he has been wearing a Christmas hat.

The decorations are fun, creative, significant and great to see.  Drive around, folks, and enjoy the view in Fairview Township.




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