A young Erie attorney, born in Waterford, became a hero at the Battle of Gettysburg.  That battle was fought 156 years ago early this July.  Vincent’s name and his deeds are still a subject of great interest and great pride in Erie County and beyond.

Back to tell the story of Vincent’s life is George Deutcsh, Exec. Dir. of the Erie County Historical Society.  Deutsch has taken a special interest is the American Civil War and earlier this month he lectured at the Sturgeon House on the major events of that war. 

Deutsch is part of the satellite program being offered by the Jefferson Educational Society (JES) at various locations around the county.  The Sturgeon House is honored to be included in that program.

Everyone is invited to attend the lecture this Wednesday, June 26, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Sturgeon House, 4302 Avonia Road (Rte 98) in Fairview.  The lecture is free, however, anyone planning to attend is asked to register with the JES (459-8000).  This is a courtesy to the Fairview Area Historical Society and to attendees – so that overbooking for the seating capacity does not occur.

Don’t miss this upcoming lecture!  Col. Strong Vincent’s story is a fine part of Erie County history and should be told again and again.


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