The historical society has had many new acquisitions recently with wide-ranging appeal.  

Last month the Society received a German gas mask and canister from World War II.  Given that our summer exhibits often cover wars, this was a very welcome addition to our collection. (The canister can be seen on the floor to the right of the buggy.)

Next came a hard-to-find Alumni Directory listing graduates from Fairview High School.  The publishing date was 1999, and may be the only directory the school district ever published.  (The red directory is resting against one of the buggy wheels.)

One week ago a very fine addition to our parlor was donated to the historical society – a victorola dating to about 1900.  It has an exquisite horn that broadcasts the sound from the wax recordings out into the room.  We are informed it still works, but have not found a source for needles as yet.

Lastly, and just two days ago, we received a wicker buggy/stroller that was first put into use in 1903 when Perry Ferguson was born.  Perry grew up to serve as one of the township supervisors.  It comes with an attachment for an umbrella to shade the baby.  We have the umbrella also, although it was not in the photo.

The historical society has been fortunate to be the recipient of so many Fairview (as well as other) items. In the words of the newspaper reviewer who wrote about the reception following Helen Stone Schluraff’s wedding in 1904, we have an “embarrassment of riches.”  (This referred to the number of sweets begin served to guests.)

And, we are so fortunate that this is the case.  The Sturgeon House is well furnished with period items in the parlor and two bedrooms and artifacts that fill the other rooms.  Thank you, one and all who donate your treasures so that many more can enjoy them as well!  

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