Just now there are two buildings with some serious history that are for sale in the township.  The one that has been on the market the longest is the old White Swan Civic Center on Route 5 and most recently used by the St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church congregation.  

The story of that building begins in 1927 when George Taylor, partnering with T.A. Andrews and his Land Company, developed the Lake Shore Club District.  At about the same time George decided to go into the dairy business.  Several buildings were erected for that purpose just west of the Lake Shore Subdivision.  The building still standing was a combination diner and milking room.  The milking room on the west end of the building had show windows so that when folks drove out from Erie to get some gingerbread or ice cream at the diner, they could walk over to the showroom and watch the cows being milked.

Briefly, during World War II, with gasoline so difficult to get, the farm wound down and the building stood empty.  Sales at the Lake Shore Subdivision picked up again after the war and in 1964 the old diner/milking building opened as the White Swan Civic Center.  Many fine memories were made there until it closed and eventually was sold to the church group. 

Now it is for sale again.  With a history that includes a summer theater, sleigh rides, a diner, a working farm, gourmet groups, quilting classes, a day care center, religious services, etc., etc., this building has contributed much to the story of Fairview Township, and it is hoped, with many memories yet to be made!  


Note:  The photo shows the employees who worked at the farm before World War II.  That included the women working in the diner as well as the men tending the farm and the cows, plus a couple of cows.  The story goes that at least one romance led to marriage among the employees.

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