The folks in Princess Ann Subdivision are celebrating the season in a big way.  Lots of pumpkins, a ghost or two, witches, and more adorn the front doors of many of the homes there.  The selection here are just a few.


It makes one wonder how lovely the community there might look during the Christmas season, with wreaths, trees, Santas and more.  It will certainly be worth a visit.

The area has an interesting history, although it is hard to separate fact from fiction.  Curtis Heidler was the original farmer who owned the land and a story called “The Legend of Heidler Valley” swirled around him.  Again, it’s hard to say what was true.  In the story there was a princess, a fortune, the land of Heidlerberg, and much more.

As for the Princess Ann Subdivision, it is one of the older ones in the township, starting in 1956.    

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