The last remaining business listed in the 1926 Commencement booklet was Hauck & Son’s Store.  It served Fairview residents in one form or another for many years, so it is especially helpful to have its earliest history recorded.

It was opened “approximately in the year 1851 by Rudolph Pettit” who sold dry goods, boots and shoes plus hardware items.  He also built for himself a fine brick house just north along Avonia Road (although, the street had another name at that time.) Pettit’s son joined him in the business two years later and the name changed accordingly.

After the Civil War the building changed hands and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) purchased it.  They found tenants who would operate the first floor as a business and used the second floor for meetings – their own and other groups in the community.  W. C. Eaton was likely the first tenant on the first floor.  He operated the space as a general store and post office.  Then Edward Mills and O. M. Warner had it for a bit.  Late in the 1800s J. H. Silverthorne and R. C. Drury managed it then Harry Taylor had it until 1905. 

February 14th of that year, 1905, Mr. Hauck & Sons opened the store as a general dry goods and grocery. The “Mr. Hauck” was Joseph who began in the general store business about 1872 in Sterrettania with his brother Samuel.  One of Joseph’s grandsons was Donald Hauck who served as the principal for several years at Fairview’s Joint Borough and Township High School (now Chestnut Street Apartments).

As the younger generations aged the management of the store changed hands.  All went smoothly until the early hours of May 24, 1944, when two trucks collided in the intersection at Routes 20 and 98 and one truck was shoved into the old IOOF building.  Neither the driver of that truck nor the old building survived.

All that was years into the future from the Commencement booklet.

Anyone who now remembers the building on that corner recalls that it was built of cement block, one story high and housed Downey’s General Store, then a donut shop, a pizza place, etc.

A few years ago the building was removed to widen the intersection. Today that corner is a small sitting area, called Fairview Park.

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