That cookbook published in 1812 has so many recipes, that one is hard to choose.  But here is something that is pertinent for today titled “To keep Green Peas, Beans, etc., and Fruit, fresh and good till Christmas.”


Observe to gather all your things on a fine clear day, in the increase of full moon; take a well glazed earthen or stone pot(s) quite new, that have not been laid in water, wipe them clean, lay in your fruit very carefully, and take great care that none is bruised or damaged in the least, nor too ripe, but just in their prime; stop down the jars close, pitch it and tie a leather over.


That’s it.  Keep it this way until needed for Christmas. 


Do kidney beans the same; bury two feet in the earth, and keep them there till you have occasion for them.  Do peas and beans the same way, only keep them in the pods, and do not let your peas be either too young or too old; the one will run to water, and the other the worms, will eat.  As to the latter, lay a layer of fine writing sand, and a layer of pods and so on till full; the rest as above.  Flowers you may keep the same way.


Reading this has been great fun… but such an amount of work on the cook’s part!



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