Just east of White Hall Village on the south side of Route 5 is a subdivision called “Fairview Commons.”  A wee sign at the edge of the road announces a “Light Show.”  

One and all may go through the entryway and are given further directions at the first left turn (Sheffield Drive).  Turn here and drive all the way to the last right turn (Hamilton Road – again, there’s a sign).  

Drive to the end of this road to the cul-de-sac.  Here, on the right is a house with many decorations in the yard plus on the exterior of the house.  It is certainly interesting to see in the daylight… but, oh! at night! 

Alongside the driveway is another sign telling the visitor to tune the radio to FM 88.1.  When you do, at night, you will see the decorations in the yard and on the house pulsate… yes, keep time with the music you are listening to on the radio!  This is not a new technology, but it’s certainly amazing to see.  

Kudos to the folks who live in this house for a great Christmas Light Show!!

2 thoughts on “More Township Sights (Winter 2018)”

  1. Another house to see is in the Princess anne subdivision and just behind the Weiss Library Church. There must be thousands of dollars invested in that display. It is displayed in conjunction to ‘Operation Griswald’ for the patients at the Soldiers and Sailors Home. The display will be up until New Year’s Day.

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