The Centennial Committee selected many photos from “old Fairview” to display in the Centennial Booklet, some were quite old.  All had special meaning to the community, some were of people, some were of buildings. 

One event that captured the attention of the committee was displayed in three shots, that of the lovely old trees on Main Street (Route 20) being taken down.

The two-lane road was being widened no matter how lovely the street looked under its bower of tree limbs. 

The trees had to come down. 

That was in the 1950s and even by 1968 the memory still lingered of the day the trees were uprooted and brought down.

Someone shared these photos then and we share them now with our viewers.

Notice the small white building on the left side of each photo. 

That was the post office for several years.  How it came to be is another story. 

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